Edinburgh University Footlights present their 2018 Fringe Festival Production of:


12th - 18th august 2018  1:45pm

C Venues Adam house +3, Venue 34


Edinburgh University Footlights are proud to present Green Day’s award winning musical American Idiot. This show takes the most electrifying of Green Day’s music and brings it to life in a non-stop assault on the senses. We follow Johnny, the self-proclaimed Jesus of Suburbia, and his equally disaffected friends Will and Tunny as they struggle to find meaning in their lives. They are trapped between rage and love, a concept that defines and drives their generation. Johnny heads for the city and enters into a tumultuous relationship with a wild and unpredictable woman and an even more passionate affair with hard drugs. Tunny seemingly finds purpose in joining the military but is emotionally and physically broken in the line of duty. Will who decides to stay home with his pregnant girlfriend, slips further and further into a state of disillusion and hopelessness. Visceral and explosive, this show will have you humming guitar solos for weeks

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