february | 2015


Brassy, colourful and oozing vitality, Edinburgh University Footlights’ production of Rent matches its good intentions with a high level of achievement. - ★★★★☆
— All Edinburgh Theatre
It’s hard not to get excited when Footlights’ production time comes around. High professional standards abound. - ★★★★★
— Edinburgh49


Waverley Care is a unique and effective Scottish charity which changes the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of society – people living with HIV and Hepatitis C.

Waverley Care’s story over the past 25 years is, in many ways, the story of HIV and Hepatitis C in Scotland. They offer support to people at whatever stage they find themselves on their journey since diagnosis. They are there for people of all ages, sexuality, nationality or social background.

Working at a community level to educate, nurture, challenge stigma and build confidence, Waverley Care, empower people, prevent new infection and reduce the burden on NHS services.

Waverley Care’s vision is for a stigma-free Scotland where everyone living with HIV or Hepatitis C is aware, informed, getting the help they need and able to play a full and active part in their community.

Find out more about the amazing work they do here: www.waverleycare.org


 Check out the Facebook album!

Check out the Facebook album!


 : Joe Christie
Roger : Nitai Levi
Angel : Scott Meenan
Collins : Benjamin Aluwihare
Mimi : Rachel Anderson
Maureen : Roz Ford
Joanne : Caroline Elms
Benny : Jon Ip

Female Chorus
Mrs Cohen / Cop : Claire Saunders
Alexi Darling / Sue : Rebecca Simmonds
Mrs Jefferson / Homeless Person / Junkie : Sarah Lamb
Soloist A / Homeless Person : Sarah Couper
Roger's Mum / Ali / Vendor : Giselle Yonace
Mimi's Mum / Pam / Junkie : Ellie Sager
Blanket Person / Junkie : Esmee Cook
Junkie / Vendor : Shelby Heard

Male Chorus
Paul / Mr Grey / The Man : Jonny Magowan
Soloist B / Squeegeeman/ Mr Jefferson : Campbell Keith
Steve / Cop/ Pastor : David Smith
Resturant Man / Homeless Person / Gordon /
Understudy for Angel 
: Brian Gilbert


The Band
Guitar 1 : Jamie Pettinger
Keyboard 2 / Guitar 2 : Fraser Harrington
Bass Guitar : Patrick Allen
Drum Set & Percussion : Darren Gallacher

Stage Assistants
Assistant Stage Managers : Ailish George , Becky Waterton , 
Dayana Petricheva , Devon LaBonte , Heleen De Boever ,
Megan Lu , Perry Nimtrakul

The Production Team
Director : Elske Waite
Producer : Lauren McLay
Musical Director : Ashton Brower
Choreographer : Eleanor Grose
Production Manager : Ruth Luckins
Assistant MD : Luke McElory
Assistant Producers  : Catriona Oliver , Marion Bretagne
Assistant PM : Harriet Visick

Publicity Designer and Official Photographer :  Louise Spence
Graphic Designer : Liz Mills
Cinematographer : Sally Pendleton

Costume : Eilidh Bruce Bass , Lydia Hann , Holly Andrews

Lighting Design
Lighting Designer : Tom Turner
Assistant Lighting Designers : Ethan Roos , Lucija Vihar
Production Electrician : Hayden Ball

Sound Designer
: Neil Watson
Sound 1 : Sean Quinn
Sound 2 : Craig Snowden
Sound 3 : Chris Armitstead

Set Designer : Andrew McDivitt
Set Manager : Julia Brown
Stage Manager : Rachael Murray
Assistant Stage Manager : Abigail LaLiberte