february | 2017


Accomplished musicality and some excellent dancing distinguish Edinburgh University Footlights’ Urinetown at the Church Hill. - ★★★☆☆
— All Edinburgh Theatre
Despite the major pitfalls of the script, the team and cast have put on an effective musical piece that successfully satirises the genre itself and never fails to leave the audience laughing and smiling as they leave the auditorium. - ★★★★☆
— The Student
Overall, it was a great rendition of a new and exciting musical, which unlike many others, has a refreshingly melancholy ending. - ★★★★☆
— Young Perspective

Urinetown is set in a town that is desperately suffering a water shortage following a 20 year drought. The notorious Urine Good Company (UGC) controls the regulation of water and public toilets, exploiting the poor and threatening to banish them to Urinetown if taxes aren't paid, whilst they enjoy their luxurious lifestyle. Meanwhile the unlikely hero, Bobby Strong, starts a revolution against the UGC and finds out what Urinetown has meant all along.

Check out our rehearsal shots!

Check out our rehearsal shots!


The Cast
Bobby Strong : Nitai Levi
Hope Cladwell : Eleanor Crowe
Caldwell B. Cladwell : Johnny Ross-Tatam
Penelope Pennywise : Sarah Couper
Officer Lockstock : Douglas Stephenson
Little Sally : Rachael Beaty
Little Becky Two Shoes / UGC Staff / The Poor : Ansley Clark
Hot Blades Harry / Dr Billeaux / The Poor : Lewis Mcdonald
Officer Barrel : Fraser Mycroft
Mr. McQueen / The Poor : Andrew Hay
Senator Fipp / The Poor : Adam Makepeace
Old Man Strong / The Poor : Sean Vannet
Josephine Strong : Grace Dickson
Mrs. Millenium / The Poor : Anna Steen
Tiny Tom : Liam Bradbury
Soupy Sue / UGC Staff : Fiona Keith
Billy Boy Bill / UGC Staff : Trevor Lin
Robbie the Stockfish / UGC Staff : Alice Anning
Hildago Joe / UGC Staff : Harry Macgregor


Conductor & Keyboard : Steven Segaud
Trombone/Euphonium : Andrew Blair
Percussion : Darren Gallacher
Reed : Vicky Jones
Bass : Johnnie Grant

The Production Team
Director : Maddie Flint
Musical Director : Steven Segaud
Choreographer : Sarah April Lamb
Producer : Nicola Frier
Production Manager : Danya Bradley-Barnes

Stage Manager : Kate Brown
Deputy Stage Manager : Ruth Brown
Assistant Stage Managers : Katie Oliver, Isambard Goodbody, Alice Spann, Sasha Gold, Brodie Smith, Tamsin Drysdale, Harriet Newcombe
Electrician : Jack Simpson

Lighting Designer : Lora Bedford
Assisted by: LX Two - Rui Zhang

Sound One : Huw Jones
Sound Assistants : Katherine Bull, Amy Heart

Set Management
Set Manager : Maya Sacks
Set Assistants : Katie Oliver, Isambard Goodbody, Emeline Beroud, Patrick Laverty, Lorna Welsh

Costume Manager : Kathryn Weaving
Costume Assistants : Molly Lambourne, Megan Tetlow-Walker, Charlotte Livingston, Natasha Allen

Hair & Make-up
Bella Rogers
Abi Stirling