West Side Story

Gasps of astonishment echoed around the Church Hill Theatre on the opening night of Edinburgh University Footlight’s compelling and raw production of West Side Story. - ★★★★☆
— All Edinburgh Theatre


Edinburgh University Footlights are proud to present one of Broadway's biggest musicals, West Side Story.

In the late 1950s, Jerome Robbins transposed a timeless tale of romance and rivalry to the streets of New York in a whirlwind collaboration with Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein and Arthur Laurents.

Over 50 years later, Edinburgh University Footlights are revisiting and rediscovering this much-loved, multi-award winning musical. Follow the Jets and the Sharks through the dreary alleyways of post-war New York in their attempt to construct an identity or escape from one. The city is what you make of it; you can come with your arms open or your fists closed.

Presenting a thrilling blend of Broadway tradition, fresh choreography and a full orchestra, this year's production of West Side Story promises to be a rumble!


The Production Team
Director : Roxy Cook
Musical Director : Dan Glover
Choreographer : Aniela Piasecka
Producer (Commercial) : Mihaela Bodlovic
Producer (Technical) : Tom Paton

Repetiteur : Janet Barbour
Vocal Coach : Cailean Morison

Set Designers : Celia Dugua and Stacy Jansen
Technical Manager : Bryn Jones
Metalwork : Dylan McCaughtry

Stage Management
Stage Managers : Pippa Atkins and Emily Woolfenden
Stage Manager (DSM) : Hetty Tapper
Assistant Stage Managers : Caroline Alderton,
Daniel Harris, Aisling Kelly, Ana Sloan

Lighting Designer : Celia Dugua
Lighting Team : Tom Turner, Lewis Eason, Harriet Visick, Eske Waite

Sound Team
Ben Hussey, Tim Matson, Ruth Luckins, Matthew Dunn

Costume Designer : Stacy Jansen
Costume Supervisor : Emily Bates
Costume Team : Amelie Furst, Tilly Jones

Hair & Make-up Team
Georgia Allen, Izzy Gibbs, Ellie Van Riel, Imogen Wooley

Programme Design : Daniel Harris
Publicity Illustration : Rachel Hill

Front of House Manager : Jimi Mitchel
Front of House Team : Keara Cornell, Rosie Curtis, Daniel Harris, Elayne Gray, Alia Jadad-Garcia


The Jets
Tony : Michael Sawaryn
Riff : Frank Derrington
Action : Jordan Roberts-Laverty
A-Rab : Greg Lass
Diesel : Liam Wilkinson
Baby John : Ethan Baird
Anybodys : Izzy Stoker
Velma : Kinvara Hubbard
Graziella : Roz Ford
Minnie : Sarah Lamb

The Sharks
Maria : Claire Saunders
Anita : Jess Barker
Rosalia : Emma Middleton
Consuela : Georgie Sheppard
Teresita : Camilla Parkes
Bernado : Alex Poole
Chino : Ewan Mood
Pepe : Ewan Mood
Indio : Finlay Macaulay

The Adults
Doc/Glad Hand : Alex Gray
Detective Shrank : Martin Maclennan
Officer Krupke : Callum O'Dwyer


The Orchestra
Piano/Celesta : Janet Barbour

Guitar (Electric/Spanish/Mandolin) : Jamie Pettinger

Violin : Emma Donald, Becca O'Doherty, Vicky Carmichael, Beatrice Langford-Powell, Rosie Taylor, Eoin McCrossan, Marlen Roehe
Cello : Tim Cais, Jack Luscombe, Liz Muir, Chris Grieve
Double Bass : Caitlin Callahan

Reed : Julie Aitken, Cameron Kuronen-Stewart, Katy Cavanagh, Lucy Bailey, Lizzie Wastnedge

Horn : Helen Scott, Georgine Hendry
Trumpet : Alex Priestley, Mairi McTighe, Derrick Morgan
Trombone : Matt Hawke, Michael Spencer

Percussion : Finlay Turnbull, Joe Shaw, Siggy Watt, Andy Watson