February | 2018


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Last night’s audience was mainly student age but most left the theatre with smiles at the end of a great show. It’s a professional level show at amateur prices.
— Edinburgh Guide
With the iconic soundtrack ringing through the ears of the audience long after the show finishes, this is a high-kicking, air-jumping, stonker of a show. Edinburgh University Footlights, we’ll remember your name.
— The Skinny
If you’re looking for a show to clap along to and legitimately re-consider buying leg warmers, this is the show to see.
— Young Perspective
Based on the excellent standards of acting and singing, we believe it would be difficult to distinguish these young performers from professionals. On the whole, Footlights’ rendition of Fame: The Musical is certainly not one to be missed.
— The Student
There is plenty of talent, both on stage and off, in the Edinburgh University Footlights production of Fame – The Musical, up at the Church Hill Theatre to Saturday.
— All Edinburgh Theatre
Plenty of individual noteworthy performances. Overall, Fame! is a feel-good show with plenty to enjoy, and EU Footlights should be very proud of the job they’ve done with it.
— Edinburgh49


Fame the Musical (2018)

Edinburgh University Footlights are delighted to announce that their 2018 Production will be FAME - THE MUSICAL. Fame is a show stopping, Olivier award winning, all singing and all dancing sensation. The story follows students coming of age in a performing arts school, striving for excellence and coming to terms with life and relationships. 

Fame - The Musical follows a group of ambitious students as they attempt to navigate life at the illustrious high school for performing arts in 1980's New York. It tells the story of the students of the final graduating class as they struggle with their journey into adulthood. We see them battle with tempestuous relationships, ambition, their own self confidence and fame itself as they all pursue a united dream of seeing their names in the lights.

Check out our rehearsal shots!

Check out our rehearsal shots!

Check out the headshots of our talented cast and crew!

Check out the headshots of our talented cast and crew!


The Production Team
Director : Caitlin Powell
Co-Musical Director : Carey Irving
Co-Musical Director : Brodie Smith
Choreographer : Caili Crow
Co-Producer : James Hart
Co-Producer : Maddie Flint
Production Manager : Rui Zhang
Stage Manager : Katie Oliver

Set Designer : Pauline Libosvar
Set Assistants : Frances Driscoll, Polly Burnay, Isabel Duffy, Katie Oliver, Annie Doherty, Raf Alford, Lucy Branchflower, Bex Nuttall Grace Rogers, Ellie Udale

Lighting Designer : Katherine Bull
Lighting Assistants : Sam Griffin, Erin Harper, Becky Spiers

Sound Operator : Oliver Barker

Costume Designer : Maddie Flint
Costume Manager : Charlotte Livingston
Costume Assistants : Megan Tetlow-Walker, Tess Rezard,
Natasha Allen

Photography : Andrew Perry

Publicity : Alison Geddes

Carmen : Mimi Joffroy
Nick : Adam Makepeace
Serena : Alice Hoult
Joe : Matt Galloway
Iris : Hannah Barnetson
Jack : Liam Bradbury
Schlomo : Andrew Hay
Mabel : Connie McFarlane
Lambchops : Brett McCarthy Harrop
Goody : George Tomsett
Ms Sherman : Mhairi goodwin
Ms Bell : Anna Lawrence
Mr Myers : Douglas Stephenson
Mr Scheinkopf : Matthew Storey

Dance Ensemble
Anna Steen, Nicole Stanton, Lauren Robinson, Trevor Lin

Main Ensemble
James Crang, Rachael Beaty, Matthieu Steffen, Harri Jones

Conductor : Carey Irving
Keyboards : Jack Wood and Ryan Hanlon
Guitar : Zach Gilbert
Bass : Brodie Smith
Drums : Hugh Richardson
Trombones : Emma Clark and Craig Brownhill
Trumpet : Emma Wallace
Reed : Jack Burrows