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Liam Bradbury
Imogen Challen
Kate Clancy
Tara Doherty Eagles
Eduardo Fahey
Katie Feltham
Ben Gruenberg

Elliot Gruzin
Kirsten Innes
Mimi Joffroy
Mizra Kara
Tabitha Lepp
Adam Makepeace
Rebecca Maxwell
Tara McCullough

Connie McFarlane
Fraser Mycroft
Clare Nolan
Jack Roberts
Gordon Shiau
Doug Stephenson
Matthew Storey

This year’s Showchoir Production Team are delighted to present SEVEN, our interpretation of the deadly sins, with a twist… We will be repurposing the traditional interpretation of the sins and using SEVEN to create a compelling and powerful piece of theatrical entertainment. SEVEN will include an array of numbers from musicals, including Kinky Boots, Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen, as well as a range of contemporary pop, rock, funk and various other hits. We will even be offering the opportunity for our cast to create their own choreography and movement for the production. We will be promoting themes such as pride of identity, liberation, feminism and mental health awareness. At its core, Footlights Showchoir is a group whose goal is to demonstrate everything there is to love about performance.

This year we are also supporting ‘Papyrus’, a charity for the prevention of young suicide, and using SEVEN to promote Mental Health Awareness.

Creative Director: Rachael Beaty

Musical Director: Hugh Richardson 

Executive Producer: Emily Williams

Producer: Harri Jones

Tech Manager: Olesya Lesyk